The Covenant in Figures provides an overview of aggregated statistics showing the efforts made by Covenant signatories. The information displayed is provided by the Covenant Community via the private area - My Covenant.

Note: The Covenant in Figures only includes information from the 'Active signatories' meaning the local authorities that meet their planning deadlines described in their political commitments.

Covenant community

  • 122
  • Supporters
  • Coordinators
  • 9
  • 24,331,526
  • Signatories

    Signatories supported country-by-country

    • Population covered
    • Signatories with submitted action plans
    • Signatories with submitted monitoring
    • Signatories supported by coordinators and/or supporters

    Signatories size

    Active signatories over time

  • Coordinators and Supporters
  • Baseline review

    Inventories submitted

    • Emission Inventories
    • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

    Emission Inventories’ baseline year

    Signatories’ status in the adaptation cycle

    Current climate hazard risks faced by the Covenant Community

    Anticipated climate hazard risks

  • Action plans and monitoring reports


    • Submitted action plans
    • Accepted action plans
    • Not accepted action plans
    • Submitted Monitoring reports
    • Average number of monitoring reports by signatory

    Status of the signatories

    Action plans submission over time

  • Actions

    Total number of actions submitted

    • Actions
    • Mitigation actions
    • Adaptation actions

    Actions by sector



    Key actions