CoM Med Support

Helpdesk Services

CoM Med Helpdesk purpose is to provide the municipalities concerned by the Covenant of Mayors in the Mediterranean, (CoM Med), with information and support related to their adhesion to the design and implementation of their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans, SEACAPs, the renewal of their commitment, as well as guidance in the overall registration process.

The Helpdesk will provide support through various channels such as the CoM Med website, telephone, instant messaging, or email.

Note that the Helpdesk does not provide a pre-evaluation of the action plans. Upon the official submission of the SEACAP, an official feedback report is sent in due course to signatories by the European Commission Joint Research Centre, JRC.

The Helpdesk will:

      • Assist all local authorities in the Mediterranean region interested in joining the initiative through the adhesion process;


      • Help signatories with general or technical inquiries related to the Covenant of Mayors in the Mediterranean and its commitments;


      • Build the signatories capacities through providing guidance, templates, webinars, guidelines and other useful documents;


      • Support the implementation of the municipalities’ communication and promotional activities;


      • Coordinate liaisons with third parties and relevant stakeholders (i.e. Covenant Territorial Coordinators, Supporters, Local and Regional Energy Agencies);


      • Facilitate networking activities within the Covenant of Mayors community;


      • Liaise with potential Coordinators/Covenant Supporters and networks;


      • Liaise and coordinate with donors and other initiatives and investigate opportunities for funding the development and implementation of the SEACAPs;


Availability of Service

Helpdesk services are available during the following hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 12 :30 p.m. and 14 :30 p.m. to 18 :30 p.m.

For issues that arise when the Helpdesk staff is unavailable or if all representatives are busy assisting other clients, please leave a request by email or through the Request Assistance Form. Requests will be processed promptly.

A frequently asked question section (FAQs) will provide the requester with the most common questions about the Covenant of Mayors in the Mediterranean, CoM Med.

Important sources of information as well as the SEACAP’s Guidelines and JRC technical documents are already available on the Clima-Med website: