How To Join?

Local authorities play a leading role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Participation in the Covenant of Mayors for the Mediterranean supports them in this endeavour, by providing them the recognition, resources and networking opportunities necessary to take their energy and climate commitments to the next level.

How to Join

To join the ever-growing movement, local authorities should undertake the following process:

Step 1

Local authorities that want to participate in the Covenant of Mayors for the Mediterranean initiative should present the Political Commitment Document to the municipal council, in order to facilitate the council discussion and formal support.

Step 2

Once an official resolution has been adopted by the council, you should send it by e-mail to the CoMO Med and mandate the mayor - or equivalent representative of the council - to sign the Covenant adhesion form.  You can download the adhesion form here.

Step 3

After signature, complete your information online and upload your duly signed adhesion form; take note of the next steps, outlined in a confirmation e-mail sent to the local authority council about guidance on the next steps for SEACAP preparation, submission, and monitoring.