• 13 Oct 2021

    A Congratulation Kit delivered to more than 100 cities in the South Mediterranean for their adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors for the Mediterranean, CoM Med

    The Covenant of Mayors for the Mediterranean, CoM Med, has designed and sent to each of the 100 cities and their mayors in the south Mediterranean region an Adhesion Kit in lieu of a signing ceremony to all municipalities and mayors that have committed and signed to the regional initiative.

    This kit consisted of certificates for adhesion named after the new signatory cities, badges and congratulation letters from CoM Med to the representing mayors as a recognition of their outstanding commitment to tackling climate change through the development of an appropriate Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan (SEACAP). Appreciation letters in Arabic, French and English were also awarded to members of the local council and SEACAP facilitators.

    The Clima-Med project, which has developed and established the CoM Med initiative with the support of the European Commission, has also promoted the success of the cities’ action and engagement on the CoM Med Facebook page, with pictures of the mayors and their team holding the certificate.

    We hope that these initiatives will be fruitful and inspire more cities to join the Covenant of Mayors for the Mediterranean!

    Join Clima-Med & CoM Med platforms to share your best stories and identify mutual opportunities with other local and national authorities and agencies from the Mediterranean region. Visit the Clima-med website that is available in English, French and Arabic.

    CoM Med is part of the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM).